Tables for AG Home!

AG Home, a full-fledged girls home, received generous donations through our H3Rs giveaways, and “[E]verything is good!
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Christmas Gifting!

It’s all smiles this festive Christmas season! Through Recyclogic’s H3R Giveaways, Pioneer gifted residents with mattresses from The Fullerton Hotel. Thank you everyone for helping and sharing the love!  #socialimpact #H3Rs #sustainability #reducewaste
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Sofa(r) so good!

Look who can now enjoy and relax on your sofa donations? Kudos to H3Rs giveaways for matching hotel donations with our beneficiary’s needs. Thank you The Fullerton Hotel! Love, Muhammadiyah Health and Day Care Centre. 
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ST feature: Causes Week 2016

Happiness found in giving and saving. Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) had a charity clothes donation drive, and received tables from Ibis Hotel on Bencoolen Street for their office through our H3Rs Giveaway. 
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Hotels bump up waste reduction efforts

As consumers seek corporations with sustainable efforts, hotels are gearing up with waste reduction strategies. However, macro-recycling efforts remain a struggle, as reported in TODAYONLINE. The scale of operations produces waste faster than current programmes can respond.
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SGX: New mandatory sustainable reporting for hotels

Singapore Exchange (SGX) has introduced compulsory sustainable reports for all companies. SGX has appointed Global Compact Network as the organiser of Sustainability Reporting Workshops, to help companies strengthen their corporate sustainability efforts.
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H3Rs Launch

H3Rs Giveaways is proud to be supported by the National Environmental Agency (NEA). Keep a look out as we'll be launching the programme very soon! #H3Rs #sustainability #environmentalimpact
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