• Give your hotel’s usable items
    A new lease of life

    Donate to those who need it most with H3Rs Giveaways

Nothing gets wasted

with H3Rs Giveaways

Reduce operational costs.

Disposing items during your refurbishment exercise can be costly and time-consuming. Our one-stop portal reduces operational costs by enabling usable items to be donated.

Donate to those who need it most.

We connect your hotel with organisations looking for usable items. Your hotel effectively recycles your usable items while making a difference to the community.

Avoid wastage.

Perfectly usable items that could end up in a landfill get a new lease of life, helping your hotel reduce and manage your hotel’s wastage.

How it works

  • Post your usable items to a wide network of organisations.
  • Respond to a donation request from an eligible organisation.
  • Track and review your donations via a private dash- board.

Plan, Track, Report

H3Rs GiveAways supports your hotel’s refurbishment planning and CSR objectives.

Plan ahead.

Plan for future refurbishments with ease. Plan and track timelines for your list of items to be donated.

Track accountability.

Recipient organisations are required to report how the donated items will be used. You’re assured your hotel’s items will be used in the right way.

Report measurable impact.

View and review your donations at a glance. Boost your yearly CSR reporting with data of donated items by categories.

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